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Balmoral Nippers

Balmoral Nippers is an independent program (not affiliated with any Surf Life Saving Clubs) run by volunteers for families to enjoy the beach and learn the basics of surf life-saving. It’s a Summer program running on Sunday mornings on Balmoral Beach, run in partnership with the Mosman Municipal Council.

The Balmoral Nippers programme is open to both members of the club as well as members of the public.

The season runs during the summer term time and involves an hour organised beach and water activities, depending on age, and is followed by our “Championship” for those keen to participate. The Championship consists of a different competitive live saving discipline each week.

The program is for children aged 4 to 12. Groups are broken down by age and gender, with each group having an age manager who runs the events with the help of parents. There are four events at each Nippers session, each one lasting about 15 minutes. They are run, flags (sprint and dive for batons in the sand), swim and paddle (on boards).

Children aged 4 are limited to activities on the sand and some carefully supervised light paddling in the pool section of Balmoral Beach (North end).

There is also a further season of life saving education for 12 year olds and above which qualifies those kids to be eligible for the Royal Life Saving Bronze Medallion. 

Our nippers programme provides families the opportunity to get directly involved with their kids. We greatly encourage all parents to don a red rashy and get wet with their kids. Their assistance as age managers and helpers remains a key to the success of the programme.

To find out more and to enrol see the Nippers website.